At Newmount we take ‘Risk Profiling’ very seriously, for us it is crucial to understand individual investors attitude towards risk exposure, allowing us to create the most appropriate portfolio, insuring investment volatility is in line with the clients personal risk tolerance. After careful consideration Newmount has partnered with a world recognised ‘Risk-Profiling’ company based in Australia, who over the last 50 years have developed a series of psychometric questions to allow an unbiased psychological evaluation of every individual client. Newmount believes that partnering with these specialists will lead to an accurate, in-depth understanding of each client’s risk tolerance, based on a robust assessment process that has scientific endorsements and is fully transparent

As an enterprise, one of Newmount’s key values and priorities is precise and vigilant risk management of all their existing client portfolios. Every client’s portfolio is under the watchful eye of our Risk Exposure Monitor, if a selected fund did deviate from our set parameters we would be notified and a necessary course of action would be taken. Continuous monitoring and critical evaluation of our risks and exposures enables Newmount to maintain its sound financial integrity and to serve our clients. Our careful approach to risk helped us to navigate the financial crisis and to emerge strong. Careful risk management and an emphasis on wealth preservation are cornerstones of our client offering.