It is our belief that an organisation is only as strong as its people. With this logic, Newmount has strived to not only impose the most stringent recruitment requirements but also encourages its staff to constantly forward themselves intellectually. It is common practice amongst our staff to pursue and complete additionally some of the most demanding and respected industry qualifications in not only their personal fields of expertise and also surround areas of finance.

At Newmount we employ financial experts: we understand that this industry requires the utmost professionalism and we select a wide range of diverse individuals, which we know have the qualifications, natural flair and international culture to best service our global client base.
All our work is done with emphases on integrity and intellectual rigor. We encourage our employees to share ideas and learn from one another, constantly seeking to raise our already high standards of practice.
Newmount prides itself with a low staff turnover as well as enforcing stringent requirements on all our employees. One such requirement is the ability to work closely in a team, thus creating a more collegiate than corporate feel to the organisation.

Newmount Trading is an Investment company developing and investing in end-to-end algorithm trading solutions for their clients.

Our mission is to constantly improve and develop our algorithm trading strategy so our clients’ portfolios can continually see incredible returns.

We pride ourselves on industrial strength development and back testing. Our optimized and automated platformcan be monitored by our in-house risk department which ensures each clients’ portfolios are constantly managed and kept within their individual risk profile.

Our trading strategy is limited to five major currency pairs; we believe that by focusing our strategy to a limited number of markets this allows us to develop higher performing algorithms which in turn produce a higher % of profitable trades.