Newmount Asset Management was founded on a number of core principles, which we believe will allow us to become one of the highest performing Asset Management companies across the financial spectrum.

Our Core Principles


Complete confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is a key part of our business practice. We believe that having a close relationship with our clients is paramount and therefore any information regarding clients private data or any portfolios that Newmount has made for a client, is never disclosed apart from submitting what is required to the relevant third party bodies as a result of the necessary due diligence and regulatory obligations in the jurisdictions that Newmount Asset Management operates.


Every individual or family has different needs and goals. This naturally means it will be impossible to achieve true results by applying generic investment portfolios. It is necessary to approach each case individually and completely impartially. Newmount Asset Management operates a bespoke service dealing with each clients case individually and structuring a product or solution from a clean slate. It is important to us to be able to show our clients a comprehensive unique strategy and therefore every client is allocated a personal consultant who they can contact at any time and most importantly meet with for regular reviews to maintain positive results over the period of their investment.


At Newmount Asset Management we believe it is a necessity for all our employees to have the highest level of experience and education possible in fields relevant to their work. To make the correct recommendation the highest level of understanding and shrewd thinking is required. Newmount only employs traders that pass our stringent standard tests and using our knowledge of the past we are in the best position to plan for the future.

Newmount Asset Management is an independent, privately owned Asset Management Company offering impartial investment opportunities to;individuals, families and corporations.

One of our traditions values is treating all our clients as individuals, with personally allocated Asset Managers our client’s financial goals are assessed on a one to one basis, with a risk appropriate, bespoke portfolio being created to achieve these goals.

We believe that our open, honest and transparent approach has allowed us to achieve a simple and fair charging structure which is suitable for clients of all sizes and investment timeframes. Our business strategy is simple, we endeavour to conduct our investments with integrity and to encourage an ethical culture throughout our firm. We believe that with this ethical approach Newmount Asset Management will be able to attract and retain the highest quality employees to consistently deliver results to our valued clients, allowing us to maintain our personal relationship while growing in size.

We work with clients on an individual basis to best establish what their financial goals are. Every client’s needs are different and therefore each solution must also be tailored to each client. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a range of solutions that as well as offering fruitful returns, bring with them the necessary security and peace of mind that we believe should constitute a basic element of our service.